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Gallery of high-voltage special effects

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Tesla Systems Research Inc
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Welcome to Tesla Systems Research Inc.

      Tesla Systems Research, founded in 1997, is a leading manufacturer of Tesla Coil systems and other high-voltage electrical equipment used in educational demonstrations, special effects, and research. Our products are on display in museums and universities worldwide.


Tesla Systems Research

Tesla Systems Research Inc featured in Guinea Pig TV Show: Shock Value on Discovery (Canada), January 2009.

New teslasystems.com web site launched, October 2006.

Tesla Systems Research opens TheElectrostore.com, where you can find high voltage capacitors, power supplies, high power semiconductors, and other hard to locate parts. November 2005.


Products High-Voltage/lightning Demonstrations

Tesla Coil Systems

     Tesla Coils were invented in the 1890's by Nikola Tesla, and were originally intended for use in the wireless transmission of electricity. Today they are most commonly used to create spectacular high-voltage "lightning" displays. See our products page for more information about our Tesla Coil systems. Read our FAQ for answers to common questions about Tesla Coil demonstrations and safety.

Demonstrations & Performances

     Nothing can captivate an audience more deeply than high-voltage effects. Whether in an advertisement, performance, or educational display, our electrical demonstrations never fail to fill spectators with awe.

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